CripDrip Apparel is an urban street brand that aims to merge fashion with entertainment. CripDrip was created by Harlem Clue and 3lueprint30. "We wanted to do something for lohcs by lohcs"! Cripdrip now has a life of its own!! 

Meet The Team


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Born and raised in Orlando, FL 3lueprint always had an eye for Fashion. As a  young girl, she always knew that she wanted to be a designer. She is really living out her dream. As Co-Owner of Cripdrip and Owner of her own brand Majeur, she plans to take the fashion industry by storm!!

Harlem Clue

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Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens Harlem Clue always had a business man mindset. He knew he wanted to start a business and has definitely done that. Growing from a young boy roaming the hard streets of New York City to a Business Owner, I guess its safe to say Nigga we made it!!

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